Saturday, 13 December 2014

Online Marketing company in Kerala

Online Marketing or Internet Marketing is a marketing method using websites to increase the business and sales through elctronic media. Internet is a medium which never endsup and the best way where you can get more attention for your business and brand. Presently 40 % of world population have internet connection. From this itself we know the importance of having visibility in web world.

Importance of Online Marketing

Cost effective

Most effective way of marketing or advertising your business and brand with out hurting your pocket, less expensive compared to other marketing methods. Having a website and other marketing techniques like blogging, article publishing and social media to build an online presence is low considering traditional techniques of advertising.


Online Marketing empower you to do your business open around the clock without getting tensed about opening and closing hours. Customers can reach you or purchase product and services anytime through your online store any where, any time according to their convenient time.

Increase Website Traffic

Many techniques are used to increase the traffic to the business website. Increase in the number of needed people to the website means increase in sales. Some of the ways are using social media, articles, blogs etc.


One of the main advantage of having website and internet marketing is decrease in distance between customer and service provider or seller. You can sell products to any part of the world. You can target people location wise.

Good customer seller relationship

Buiding a great relationship with customers is the main thing of your existance in business. Keep in contact with them frequently is the best way. Sending E-mails for follow-up, making sure about business activities and thank customers will make it strong.

Increase in sales

Now a days we know everyone is busy and no time for purchasing even basic things. They will go for any online store and shop online. Physically go to the place and sending a mail to order something methods are gone. Surely, this method will results in a very good increase in sales and get will get excellent ROI.


Bizinduce is an online marketing company in kerala, focus of increasing in business and sales through effective internet marketing. Building a good relationship by giving excellent results to our customers make us more success. Applying latest trends and techniques in online marketing make your business profitable.
Our services are SEO, Social Media Marketing, Digital Marketing, Reputation or Brand management, Newsletter Campaign, FB ads, Content Marketing, Video Marketing, Web Development and Web Designing 

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Tuesday, 25 November 2014

Social Media Marketing Company In Kerala

What is Social Media Marketing  ?

Social Media is a platform where we can write and share our content and make reach to maximum people. You will get more business through social media marketing if it targeted perfectly.



Social media sites are a good arena to create a brand awareness to maximum people.Write a good content and share about your brand will make reach more people and know about your business. If someone reads about you in more than one site they will surely notice and remember it. 

                                              MORE OPPORTUNITIES TO CONVERT

The blogs and every posts you write will gain attenion of readers and there is a chance for converting it to business. Sharing an interesting post or image will make the needy to approach you and discuss. If he is convinced there is a big chance to convert. Using these chances wisely and effectively will increase your business.



Inbound traffic is very low if it is limited to regular users. When you share about your product or services in maximum social media networks it can build new visitors and customers. The most effective way to build fruitful inbound traffic is through social media.


Relevant traffic from search engine can be gain through SEO. Make sure about the optimized title, description and links poiting towards your websites. Social Media have an important role in brand signals to search engines and rank top.

Bizinduce is an online marketing and social media marketing company in kerala, ensures an effective growth in your business and brand management.

online marketing company in kerala
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Wednesday, 5 November 2014

Online Digital Marketing Company

Online Digital Marketing is a technique of promoting business through internet. We all know everything is happening through online and can find more people in web. Here comes the important of doing marketing online.

Why Digital Marketing is Important ?

In old days people only believes what they get messages about our services, products or brand. Digital Media is ever-evolving medium for shopping,entertainment,news,social interaction and consumers. People not just believing what company tells about your business or brand, they looks for the media, friends, relatives etc are sharing their knowledge and experience.

How do you build lond term relationships with customers with the help of digital media ?

Gaining user engagement with a customer will happen not only through the regular media techniques.Meaningful interaction with customers, achieving trust, maintaining and building relationship is a very important factor to grow the business. As we know WITHOUT CUSTOMERS, NO BUSINESS. Another important factors are keeping update with customers, listen, ask questions, improve the quality of products and services.

Bizinduce, having a very good team with experts in creating great content, marketing through online and build a wonderful growth in your business.

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Wednesday, 15 October 2014

Digital Marketing For Business Growth

                                                   Lets discuss about todays marketing trends . . . !!!!

What is Digital Marketing ?

Digital Marketing means promotion of services, brands, products using more than one method through online. It comprise technologies like websites, blogs, email marketing, social network, newsletter etc.

Todays Business Paradigm

  • You have to convince customers
  • You have to write interesting content online
  • You have to do this in less than a minute


We, Bizinduce team is conducting a seminar on Digital Marketing for DAY-TO-DAY business
On November 23rd 
Venue : Anvita Tours2Health Private Limited, Asokam Building Infopark, Koratty

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Digital Marketing Seminar

Monday, 15 September 2014

Importance of Digital Marketing in Business

Learn how to GROW your business with Latest Digital Marketing Solutions..!!

Digital Marketing in Business - Bizinduce

                                                   Digital Media Presence and Engagement
Attracting new clients and making engaged in your websites, pages is possible through Social Media. We can target people according through their interest and geographical location. Tracking the right people through right way is very important. We can see most of the people in online, so it is the best way of marketing your business.

Spread the Visibility and Likers
Who dont like to get more attension and visibility for their business. Spread your presence tell everyone that i am living here or we are doing this. Use the popular Social Media sites spread, share and increase your likes and visibility.

Overtake Your Competitors
Business is kind of race. Their will be competition in every categories. Monitoring competitors, Tracking them and learn their marketing strategies, business and improve your business growth. That is the secret. 


Saturday, 23 August 2014

Get New Customers and Attract More Buyers

 Increase Your Visibility through Our Internet & Digital Marketing Expertise

 Advertising on Facebook to get more customers

What makes FB ads beneficial?
Can Target People by

  • Age
  • Sex
  • Location
  • Interest
  • Language
  • Profession
  • Education 
  • Employement  

#  Get hold on different groups of target audience 
#  Facebook is the top website in the world
#  Cost-effective advertising options
# High ROI


Mobile web is about achieving more with less. When you create a separate website for mobiles, you enable easy navigation and an improved user experience. A mobile website provides improved SEO performance as well. When designing a website for mobile users, you need to make sure that your website is interactive and easy to access which inturn improves your brand's visibility. This can only benefit your business for three main reasons: mobility, accessibility, exposure.As per current updates the number of mobile internet users are as below.

  • 27 Million Smartphone users in India 
  • 150 Million Tablet Users in the World
  • 2 Million Tablet users in India

A Mobile Version of your website only @ 15000

 Our Services

* Understanding Your Business
* Digital Marketing
     * SEO
     * E-mail marketing
     * Video marketing
     * Social Media Marketing
     * Content Marketing
     * Reputation Management
     * Reports
* Solutions and Suggestions
* Web Development  
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